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This long-lasting, impact resistant material comes in many different colors. Acrylic is primarily used for long-term interior and exterior signs, such as internally illuminated signs and architectural graphics.

Aluminum comes in a variety of colors. Its medium weight makes it perfect for long-term exterior sign uses.

Reinforced nylon webbing makes vinyl weather resistant, yet flexible for easy storage and shipping. Vinyl banner material's strength allows it to be assembled to almost any length or dimension. It's available in many colors.

Corrugated Plastic
Offering a variety of colors to complement your sign message, it's lightweight and can be used for both indoor and short-term outdoor signs.

Expanded PVC
The matte finish reduces glare. Expanded PVC can be shaped and is suitable for both indoor or limited outdoor use.

Its flexibility allows it to conform to surface shapes, making it aerodynamic on vehicles. It is removable and perfect for signs on multi-use vehicles. Magnetic signs are weather resistant and, with proper care, suitable for long-term exterior use.

This resilient, lightweight material can be used for short-term exterior signs.

MDO plywood
This coated wood product will give you years of outdoor service.

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